Frequently asked questions:

Does the course provide me with a certification*?

Yes. Once you have finished the neuromodulators and/or filler course, you will receive a certificate of attendance for the cosmetic injectable course.

How much hands-on experience will I get?

After our instructors explain the theory behind neuromodulators and fillers, the rest of the day will be dedicated to helping participants master these techniques. Our instructors have selected a variety of models to allow participants an opportunity to work with different aesthetic concerns.

Could I begin services immediately?

Yes. As soon as you have completed our course, you will be able to incorporate all the information we have provided you with into your practice as long as you are a licensed physician in Ontario or you have a medical director.

Will I have time to discuss my question and concerns with the instructors and their staff after the course?

Yes. Our instructors will not only set out time during the course itself but is also available by phone or email for any questions or concerns participants have after the course is completed. Our course also provides a free of cost, one to one, coaching session to implement what was learned during the course itself. This can be done up to four weeks post course.

What reference materials will I be provided with?

During registration, participants will receive a USB containing all course objectives, outlines and lectures. Participants will also receive consent forms, treatment protocols, and medical history forms as well as injectables worksheets.

Will I be provided with supplies for the course?

Yes. All supplies and materials will be provided at the course.

Do I need a Medical Director to administer procedures if I am not a Doctor myself?

Yes. Aside from a licensed physician in Ontario by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario or by their respected jurisdiction, all other participants eligible, such as Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Medical Esthetician and Physicians Assistants will be required to have medical director present.